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The State of the Arts in Canada.

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The State of the Arts in Canada: Past Show – Scary Monster Beautiful

This spooky, autumn-appropriate show lasted from October 7th until October 18th, as The House of Pomegranates “painstakingly recreated their magical attic studio” in Gallery 1313. The show featured paintings, chapbooks, toys, clothing, and more; and also included interactive events such as a tea party on closing day, and a live headphone-only listening party on the [...]

The State of the Arts in Canada: Past Show – The Square Foot Show @ AWOL Gallery

AWOL’s Square Foot show this past summer (August 15th-Sept 6th): we got into town too late to be able to catch the show for more than a quick look in the (smaller) main AWOL space, but the highlights for us were clearly the more sculptural or conceptual pieces, including the straight-up dioramas. Wish we’d taken [...]