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Alpha Couple

Tweenoise, psych folk & lo-fi electronic ambient duo. Vulnerable noise.


May 2012: Covers
Tweenoise covers of Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, U2, and Marlene Dietrich. Recorded between January 2011 – March 2012.
Already Dead Tapes


AD039 Alpha Couple ‘Covers’

“An expression of a nightmarish landscape, but somehow, it sounds too human for something like a nightmare. Alpa Couple is a group that turns inwards; blending the voices into experiments and public conversations as music. The ambition is consistent as it seeks imagination, but even more profound and unique is the vulnerability the two musicians deliver. Wherever the voice lacks words, the singing drives with an emotional lament and a sorrowful cry. You can view the compositions as perhaps haunting, or you can listen to it and think of something surreal. Either way, the duet demonstrates a human quality, an expressive glow, and, of course, one great album.”

01. Lucky
02. Mariah
03. A Walk Through Central Park (with or without you)
04. Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte

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July 2011: WHNZ:27:NJNYC
Free Music Archive release via Ukranian net label We Have No Zen!

WHNZ:27:NJNYC was recorded in New Jersey, New York and Toronto, Ontario between March and July 2011. It features field noise and samples recorded by Alpha Couple during their US tour, and samples from Toronto radio stations.

Two tracks, 15 Americans (Rothko on the Other Side of the Room) and Jasper Johns, are remixes of songs that appear on Alpha Couple’s previous release, Stalingrad. These remixes are a reaction to finding, during a time of deep disturbance, a Rothko painting hanging across the room from a Jasper Johns painting in the the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Many samples on WHNZ:27:NJNYC are taken from an answering machine tape found in a junk shop in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Alpha Couple would like to thank Micha, John, The Woods, Denise MC, Eric, Matt P. & WHNZ. This EP is dedicated to Micha Gutwilik; Car Song was recorded in Micha Gutwilik’s driveway.

Stream/Download: Alpha Couple – WHNZ27NJNYC/


January 2011: Stalingrad
Full length album, “Stalingrad”.
CDR / 11 tracks / Hand-made packaging by IT³.

Alpha Couple are an experimental Canadian duo crafting lo-fi ambient folk and noise music that can at times feel completely angsty and schizophrenic and then completely relaxing and personal.

They like to describe their music as vulnerable and emotional and it sure is. Their debut album Stalingrad sounds and feels like just the two of them sharing intimate moments making music together while they vent their darkest thoughts through the music. It’s no surprise knowing they spent the winter in a cabin writing it.

The eleven tracks on the album range from really straight-forward indie songs à la early Bright Eyes to completely experimental mayhem reminiscent of Xiu Xiu. That’s not all that this album is made of though, all sort of crazy happens in between. Unexpected screams, weird sampling and the guest appearance of a banshee are just a few examples of what goes down here.

This is music for introverted people with a taste for darkness, Alpha Couple’s Stalingrad is as gritty and melancholic as it gets.

-Ritualz (†‡†)

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November 2010: Edna Pontellier
Digital single

Download page: Edna Pontellier
Includes b-sides Mountain Goats cover & photo collage.

Edna Pontellier
by Alpha Couple


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Europe / Balkans / Russia Tour
Sept. 4th – Nov. 7th 2012
Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus*, Russia*, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech R.
*with мох

Nov. 9th – 25th 2012:

STEAK AU ZOO records

Alpha Couple wants to play your wedding.



A Walk in Central Park
Lucky [Reconstructed]
Britney Spears rearranged. Directed by Kristel Jax & Mark Wohlgemuth.
Edna & Ginny at The Beach. Directed by Theo Markou.
Subject: Yup. Directed by Kristel Jax & Mark Wohlgemuth.
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Photo: Denise McMullin