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October Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine

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October Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine:

Year 3 Begins & The Voracious Mouth of Roadkill Rita


Little lambs: have you missed us? We’ve been busy. Syphmag took a brief hiatus last month to fight bitter biding wars for web domains, clean up the debris of our last show, and snuggle up a little closer with our investors (read: menial dayjobs).

If you attended our last show in Toronto, thank you. Syphmag truly appreciates your love, support, and shy but resolute ability to eat fine finger foods. Dearest readers, we are your friend in every dimension.

This month marks an important anniversary for Syphmag – our second year of content is officially over, and our third year has begun.

Syphmag, a transient magazine by nature, has come to you from a variety of residences: from our roots in underground rooms in west & east Toronto, to our first-year homes in New York City, Atlanta, or the parking lot of Google Inc. (outside of San Francisco), to the Canadian cities of Winnipeg and Montreal – and now, at least briefly, back to our offices in Toronto. What does all this moving mean?

All the better to reach you with, my dears.

And yet, we are a little world weary. We begin to feel a little lost. And thus, friends, this month, our first installment of year three, we bring you an abbreviated update, featuring only our most cherished of writers: Coyote Rosebud, Dottie Jax, Bettie McKenzie, and Kram.

Welcome to year three, friends, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

October at SM²:

New from Coyote Rosebud:
The Voracious Mouth of Roadkill Rita: part one
A party, two dancers, and a room full of dangerous lovers in this psychologically erotic and mysterious first installment of a strange short story.

New from Betty McKenzie:
Leaving Stories 2: The Bay St. Bus.
Betty breaks the Syphmag mold (and rules) with a second installment of her diary-style project: The Leaving Stories. As sunlight shimmers over the financial district of Betty’s soon to be abandoned home city, an unnoticed goodbye is attempted.

New from Dottie Jax:
Things I Used to Like
A man recounts an early minor, and minor, obsession with a young girl, as Dottie continues her method of employing classic principles of cadence and flow to write portray the internet and our relationships amidst technology – whether this is a conscious fixation or natural interest of hers, we’re not sure.

New from Kram:
Poem’s Name
Kram comes back to us with an unexpected love poem; seeming to break away from his callous whiskey nights and miraculously find some kind of wonder, again, as he watches the object of his nameless affection swirl ahead. A moonlit and vulnerable piece from our usually dark and hardened Kram; not to be missed

And with that we’ll leave you now, gentle children, with a link to photos of our A Recession of Mortality show:,

and our fondest hopes that even amid the tearful despair of Autumn, that we may inspire you to turn your chin upwards, ever upwards, above the ghost of our hand.

With love, and until November,

Nicolaas Van Roon, ed.

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