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November Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine

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November Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine:

The Drunk

Readers: as you spread your sweater-clad arms and throw them around the nearest body or bottle; as the autumn sets in and turns your leaves and hopes to crimson red; as you struggle through harsh winds, city dust that stings your eyes, and endless rumours of deathly disease just to find someone, somewhere, who wants to listen to your gentle cries through this winter. Oh boys, oh girls, and oh casual or frantic undecideds: you are looking for the right party. You await the right moment, the right dress, the right pose.

You stand in doorways! You tip your glass, and you tip your head, and from the corner of your eye you watch the room and think, yes, this is the place, this is right, and I belong. You are not some sad, 80s chump just because you wear a cardigan sweater. You are real and alive and it is the year two thousand and nine, and you understand! You can jump over that line of human isolation and make connections; you are a grown organism with the understanding of several millenia behind you, and you will not be lonely. You will not be one of those sad and tormented fools of past musical decades.

And you touch the right places on all the right sweaters, and you smile your gorgeous, photographable smile, and you say so many right and relevant things, and you are gentle and good in your harmlessness; your words flying across the party like a pair of open arms. Yes, you will be always surrounded by true, wonderful friends who are also making these correct choices in attitude (influenced by you, no doubt, and also by their own fine graces and experience).

Yes, this world is right.

You walk home with your hand in hers and you expect nothing, readers, and of course you pretend to be as shy as decency requires, but you know the future, and you are at peace with it. And through the winter months while she lies in your arms, never once will you think of that fate you might have had, bitter and alone, cringing against the wall at each and every desperate attendance to each and every ridiculous party. You understand this world, and you have come to know that there is no other way; and now, you are simply thankful for it all.

Yet, gentle readers, sometimes art is on a different plane than life – and sometimes a good story about a bad party is just what the season requires. This week, we bring you two – as well as new photos from SBK’s photo diary, and an interview with two young men who seem to know when to carouse, when to collapse in despair, and when to combine the two with perfect harmony.

November at SM²:

New from Kram:
The Drunk
A lively, endless discussion at a party is contrasted against the detached world of it’s quiet participant: the celebration’s cold and silent host, glass in hand.

New from Coyote Rosebud:
The Voracious Mouth of Roadkill Rita: part two
Our beloved Rita flounces amid the party-goers of Coyote’s last installment, committing one adulterous and criminal act after the other; until someone manages to take this wild and cruel young beauty home, with completely unforeseen results.

New from Sketchbookkid Photo Diary:
Photos from August and September. In thousands of pixelated colours, the busy and emotional turmoil of enigmatic and unreachable SBK.

New Interview:
Present Ghosts of Freddy Ruppert: A Sighting of Former Ghosts
An interview, conducted between our sister company IT³ and Californian band Former Ghosts, about the inevitable appearance of the personal in art.

Sometimes the party is over, friends, and we must wipe the whiskey from our chins and find our shoes by the door.

This month, we end our update with some business, and some news.

Syphmag’s news posts, dear readers, will now appear each month in all of the usual places, as well as in blog format at [note: you're here!].

An interview with none other than myself also appears (reposted from our site) here, and our new RSS feed, which will be combined with IT³’s charming art blog, The State of the Arts in Canada, and the posts of our publishing house, I’m Trying I’m Trying I’m Trying, Ltd. All worthy reading to keep you warm through every accidental stumble during this oncoming winter.

The new Syphmag RSS feed can be accessed here.

More news: interviews! Syphmag wants your interviews. Our standards are high, our criticisms harsh, but if you have an interview conducted in the past with anyone, or anything, that you, dear reader, deem relevant in this life, or if you have an idea for a future endeavor, please, contact us. We have decided, contrary to our usually stringent content policies, to accept guest and reader contributions to our interview page.

Interviews and pitches may be submitted to

Payment for all accepted contributions will be unmonetary, but of value. Speaking of which, Syphmag has a store. Thank you for your patronage.

Our thanks to those who have visited us at Canzine, Expozine, & etc.

Until next month, a friend of your heart of love, and your heart of practicality,

Nicolaas Van Roon, ed.

reposted by Syphmag friends, IT³.

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