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Kram Ran - A Brief Affair of Limping and Gathering of Clipped Wings

Free download - Kram Ran - A Brief Affair of Limping and Gathering of Clipped Wings (mp3).zip

(EP/Approx: 30min)
Official Release: Aug. 11th/2009


Officially an EP, "A Brief Affair of Limping and Gathering of Clipped Wings", which spans approximately 30 minutes, is more of a mini-album. Following Kram Ran's last album "Criss-Cross Cross" - a fearlessly experimental album of electronics, acoustics, and noise - "A Brief Affair..." shows intelligent restraint on what is an eccentric array of creativity and passionate energy.


Recorded in an unheated loft in freezing Winnipeg, Manitoba and finished in a one-room apartment in Montreal, the EP is a fresh example of the prevailing spirit of DIY perseverance in indie rock today; Kram had access to only a laptop mic for all guitar tracks, and a few key vocal tracks.


Kram Ran is a writer as much as a musician, and "A Brief Affair...", is fittingly released by the independent Canadian book binding company, IT3.


-Nic Van Roon,
Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine

Email to order a limited & numbered copy of "A Brief Affair...", printed & packaged by IT³ in a large envelope with art by Tyler Funk. $5 plus shipping where applicable.


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