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January Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine

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January Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine:

21 Questions

There was a time when you, kind readers, were limited to the dimensions of touch, sound, sight, and smell. Oh, box faced friends, reaching us through familiar sensations of fingers and electrical currents – through all the poetry that could and likely has been amassed on the subject of our modern processes –are these new touches, these touches which sometimes tire you.

You have a breadth of life in a world you do not understand, or perhaps understand too well. When your fingers breathe, they leave a fog on panes of strange glass which make up windows impossible to break. They are everywhere, unless you are poor, my friends, and unless you are not with us today.

A new body has wrapped itself around our own, and within its skin teem the beings we love, and the beings we desperately rely on to love us, sparkling, so much better, and embodying all the modern cliches of distance and closeness. And within this skin we flail ourselves about, soundlessly, as our own bodies – encased yet so obviously separate, grow distracted. Toes tap; heads tip on their shoulders; eyes strain against the bidding of our generation.

As we abbreviate our love and make our clever side steps into personality against the blinding light, the sources; the rules and the codes, an understanding has been reached that we are all in this together. Like ceramic creatures in a glass globe, we shake, and we let our hopes rise and fall, united by a delicate, yet all enveloping sky.

Friends may be few; friends may be questionable; friends may be more undetectably rotten than ever before. But here, at least, you have us. Know that wherever you are, we are in the same hands, and always will be.

This month at SM²:

New from : ‘Lil Comics:
21 Questions
Twenty-one selections from Pablo Neruda’s poem The Book of Questions are tenderly illustrated by ‘Lil, as she imagines the adventures of Syphmag’s dear Lara Violet, an octopus, and a flying bicycle.

New from : Betty McKenzie:
American Thanksgiving
A holiday ignites a flashback to thieveries committed by nature against small pink children in this, a forth Leaving Story from our New York correspondent, Betty.

New from Rockmell Comics:
Rockmell Year in Review: October through December
The second installment of Rockmell’s year in review brings more obscure science jokes (we remind our readers, even in light of our introduction this month, of the existence of Wikipedia), cold weather, skinny boys, and lonely Christmases.

New from Sketchbookkid Photo Diary:
Sketchbookkid finally catches up, and posts November through January 15th. SBK inhabits three homes in three months as she pursues her infamous lifestyle of extremes in social obligations and almost total isolation.

Coyote Rosebud sends her regrets: the next installment of The Voracious Mouth of Roadkill Rita will be posted in our February update. Kram has no regrets. Dottie Jax remains hard at work writing a novel detailing the tamer side of Insane Clown Posse fans, and regrets only that.

Suggesting dreams of tiny sledgehammers from the garden wall,

Nicolaas Van Roon, ed.

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