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IT³ is an affiliate of Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine (RIP), former management of Freud's Bathhouse & Diner (2010-2011), and current host of Black Tea.


I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do

I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do
is an upcoming art exhibit at Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner, Winnipeg, Canada.

The exhibit opens August 5th, 2010, and features illustration by William Schaff (Rhode Island), Beth Frey (Toronto), Ramsey Beyer (Chicago) & Ryan Trudeau (Winnipeg), as well as a Zine Expo featuring Robert Pasternak, Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine, IT³, S. Arden Hill, Three Syllable Words, Junto (Winnipeg zine library) & much more.

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Presented by Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner, I Know What My Weaknesses Are… will present the work of four illustrators (Schaff, Frey, Beyer & Trudeau) with an exhibition of zines including indie comics, micro press publications, epic photocopies, pamphlets, and handmade books.

Opening Night (& Day):
Thursday, August 5th 2PM – Midnight
W/ host of guest DJs.

Approx DJ Schedule:
2pm: Kelly Ruth
3pm: DJ Daniel Triangle
4pm: Mark Wohlgemuth
6pm: Dany Reede
7pm: Jason Penner
8:30pm: Taylor Burgess
9:30pm: Fletcher Pratt
11pm: DJ Aubrey Beardsley
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Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner will enforce a limited capacity in order to protect the artworks yet maintain the Zine Expo’s a hands on environment.

Seating & snacks will be provided outside, including tasty treats from Cake-ology (85 Arthur St,

Additional exhibit hours can be found, by week, on our website (
UPDATE: Closing party details can be found here as well: w/ more info TBA.

For more information on I Know What My Weaknesses Are… or for high-res images of artwork, please contact

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William Schaff.
Beth Frey.
Ramsey Beyer.
Ryan Trudeau.
Zine Expo.

Artists in the Illustration Exhibit:

William Schaff

“William J. Schaff Jr. (born February 6, 1973) is a Providence, Rhode Island-based artist and musician, who has created the detailed art for all of the Jagjaguwar releases of Okkervil River and artwork for other music albums, including for the bands Songs: Ohia and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.”

This is the Lift Your Skinny Fists artist’s first ever Canadian exhibition, and first major international exhibition.

Schaff will be displaying a large collection of original drawings as well as copies of his xeroxed comic zines (which first brought him to the attention of Canadian post-rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor), and a few final remaining copies of his hardbound book, Monday Morning, Going to Work: Subjective Observations of Dreams, Reality & Love (including handmade, signed and numbered dust jackets).

From the artist:

William Schaff is a wreck. His most recent regular pay work involved him punching people in the head, and hoping they didn’t punch him back. That said he manages to create lots of artwork for different folk. From the likes of fine authors, to such notable independant musicains as Okkervil River, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and many more. This boy has chops! Chops and debt! Working hard at avoiding debt collectors and making as much art as possible before they catch up with him, this fine artist is just trying to keep his lights on, his car insured and his mortgage paid. Well, one out of three ain’t bad..God Bless you, William Schaff.


William Schaff, born 1973, is a Providence, Rhode Island-based musician and artist, working in a multitude of mediums including scratchboard, embroidery, animation, drawing, collage, and cut paper. His work often explores the tensions of urban life and the pervasiveness of human suffering. Skeletons and skulls make frequent appearances, as do iconic scenes of religious suffering. In lighter moments, his love of dogs, birds, and the natural world arise. Summarizing his motivations, Schaff says, “I hope that through creating my art, I can someday understand why it is people feel so compelled to hurt each other.”

Since moving to Providence in 1997, Schaff has played guitar and percussion with The Eyesores, the Iditarod, and Black Forest/Black Sea. He currently performs in the Providence renegade brass band, What Cheer? Brigade. In addition, almost every member of the Brigade is adorned with Schaff’s elaborate custom embroideries. A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Schaff has exhibited and lectured at the United States Air Force Academy, the Rhode Island School of Design, Amherst College, and East Carolina University. He is perhaps best known for the numerous album covers he created for Okkervil River as well as his visual contributions to releases from Kid Dakota, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and Songs: Ohia and more.

“Cultural commentary? Apocalyptic vision? Impartial observation of things that are, even in a good light, quite dark? I don’t know….. In their helplessness they tell me at least one thing about themselves: that they are human beings.”

John Darnielle, The Mountain Goats

More Press Quotes ; William Schaff Artist CV ; Interviews & Links

William Schaff online

Beth Frey

Beth Frey is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist whose delicate illustrations, with their elaborate yet spacious compositions and recurring, somehow sinister forms and characters, tremble with a wisdom beyond their years, and the promise that Frey’s work won’t be underground for long.

Beth Frey will be displaying original artworks both large and small. Prints of some works will be available as well.

From the artist:

Born in Calgary, raised on Vancouver Island, and with jaunts in Quebec, Morocco, and elsewhere, Beth Frey moved to Toronto in 2008. Having completed her BFA at the University of Victoria and a diploma in Communication Studies at Concordia, Beth’s background includes painting, sculpture, performance, and video. After packing up and moving cross-country several times, Beth became attracted to the portability and simplicity of materials that drawing provided, and now primarily works with pens and markers on paper, working elements from her other disciplines into her pieces.

Since arriving in Toronto, Beth has shown at 401 Richmond, Gallery 1313, The Whippersnapper Gallery, and the Queen West Art Crawl. She has also participated in shows at The Ministry of Casual Living, The Fifty-Fifty, and Open Space in Victoria, and her videos have screened at the annual THAW benefit in Chicago. She has provided illustrations for Shameless magazine, Crow Toes Quarterly, and Ms. Guided as well as for the 2010 documentary film The Dressmakers. Beth works as a part-time art educator at Oakville Galleries.

Beth Frey online
Beth Frey on Tumblr

Ramsey Beyer

Known best to some for friendly, distinctive show fliers, and to others for her intimate and always charming lists, stories, and comics in her now prolific zine, List, Ramsey Beyer has created a strong, original, and positive voice in American punk and DIY culture.

Ramsey Beyer will present original drawings and comic panels showcasing her working process, along with prints of drawings, comic panels, and show fliers. Copies of her zines will also be available.

From the artist:

Ramsey Beyer is a 25-year old illustrator living in Chicago, IL. She makes a zine called List, which is in it’s 14th issue.

Ramsey grew up in Michigan on a vineyard with four siblings and two parents and lots of pets. When she was 18, she moved to Baltimore, MD to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art. In 2007, Ramsey graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Experimental Animation. During her four years at MICA, her short animations were selected for many experimental film festivals and her artwork appeared in several juried exhibitions. After graduating, she stayed in Baltimore for an additional year focusing on community arts, music, and playing with her little kid neighbors. She then moved to Chicago where she pursues freelance illustrations and works by day as a nanny.”

Ramsey Beyer online

Ryan Trudeau

The drawings of Ryan Trudeau have been staples of posters and album art for fans of punk and hardcore in Winnipeg for nearly a decade. He has displayed fine art and print making works in galleries such as Martha Street Studios and IT³ United, designed posters for Big Smash! Productions and legendary hardcore band Under Pressure, and his 2007, independently released comic What Goes On (written by Cameron Popham) continues to make waves. He is currently a student at the University of Manitoba.

Ryan Trudeau will display illustration of various types, as well as the comic What Goes On.


IKWMWA Zine Expo

This zine expo is open call, and is a cross between a zine expo, a library, and a gallery exhibit.

Our desire is to include as many works as possible in a reverent, hands on and accessible environment where gallery visitors can browse at leisure, much like a library; purchase zines that are marked for sale, as at a traditional zine expo; and experience and learn more about zines & the culture of independent and underground publishing, as in a museum or more conventional gallery setting.

Submission to IKWMWA is free of charge (please note that a 25% commission will be taken from sales). Any and all zines, indie comics, micro press publications, pamphlets, and handmade books, whether xeroxed and staple-bound, hand printed and sewn, or embroidered and folded origami style, are welcome, as are distros, collectives & archives. Please contact us asap to see about special displays, as space is limited and we’d like to accommodate in the best way possible.

Zine “Expo” Call for Submissions on Facebook.

To be involved in the zine expo, please email

A Selection of IKWMWA Zine Expo Exhibitors

Robert Pasternak

Robert Pasternak (b. 1963) was born in Winnipeg where he continues to live and work. He is a truly unique character inside and outside the visual arts, building a long and diverse career that is continually under-recognized. Pasternak can be described as a colourful eccentric who moves seamlessly from metaphysical paintings and science-fiction illustration to hand-processed film and collage with found materials. Guided by a mix of new age philosophy, comic book ambition, and a fundamental belief in the interconnectedness of events, Pasternak creates a makeshift universe where his work and audience can meet. His studio and personality reflect this practice, filled with salvaged material, vintage memorabilia, and millions of unfinished projects waiting for inspiration. In addition to his art practice, he has worked as a production artist (designing for the garment industry), as art director for Zygote magazine, as a digital colorist for a multimedia firm, and as a freelance graphic designer. He is represented by Ken Segal Gallery in Winnipeg, and has exhibited in a variety of contexts.

Robert Pasternak will be exhibiting a wide variety of his comics and his remarkably designed tiny books recently featured in his Visual Chew exhibit at Martha Street Studios.

Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine

Founded in Toronto in early 2006, Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine is a (mostly) online publication of (mostly) young and broke Canadian talent, located at
Having been based since in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Montreal and, yes, Winnipeg (and Toronto again) as backbone members “Nic Van Roon” and SBK move from place to place in inexplicable desperation, Syphmag has appeared at Canzine, Expozine, the Ottawa Small Press Fair, the Toronto Small Press Fair, Elitist Misgivings (as organizer), Tolerable Affections (as organizer) and most recently A Recession of Mortality: The Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine Ghost Show (as presenter), a three week exhibition taking place in Toronto in August 2009.
As some of its small core of contributors have faded away others have arrived, but the magazine has continued to devote itself to developing what it believes to be strong and original voices.
After a few awkward attempts in its early days at more basic zine making techniques, Syphmag & SBK published Wee Eskimo Woman’s Self Portrait Drawn in Barbie Colouring Book Style, a hand stitched, perfect bound, tiny book of poetry, and eventually gave birth to IT³ Micro Publishing & Binding.

This will be a rare opportunity to see Syphmag’s oldest (and sometimes most embarrassing) works, as well as their newer works published under the IT³ umbrella.
Syphmag will also display works from their own zine library, including ancient publications by Syphmag contributor Eli W. Rockmell (aka Triumphene), Winnipeg artist Reetbot, and issues of defunct Brampton celebration of geek culture, Why Not.

IT³ Micro Publishing & Binding.

IT³, now based in Winnipeg (at Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner) binds carefully made books in limited runs. Handmade works in the expo will include publications by Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine (see above) as well as Mark Wohlgemuth & Tyler Funk’s A Worthy Weight of a Heavy Heart and IT³’s first effort as a record label: Kram Ran’s A Brief Affair of Limping and Gathering of Clipped Wings.


Junto Local 91 is a lending library run by an anarchist collective of volunteers. Junto (a spanish word meaning “to unite”) was named after a debating group from the 1720s who decided to pool their personal collections of books in order to have materials with which to educate themselves. We feel it is vital to see ourselves reflected in print, to provide a forum for alternative lifestyles, to challenge what we’ve been spoon-fed, to share the skills and knowledge we need to live our chosen lives to the fullest, and to inspire ourselves and each other to action.

Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner is proud to announce that Winnipeg’s zine library, Junto, will be exhibiting a selection of their extensive archive. More information to be announced.

S. Arden Hill

S. Arden Hill, as a multidisciplinary artist, has created a few exquisite experimental book-works thus far in his career, one of which is available in Winnipeg’s Art Hive, and some of which will be on display at IKWMWA.

S. Arden Hill online

Three Syllable Words

Three Syllable Words is a Toronto & New York City based zine published by Betty McKenzie. Ostensibly in existence since McKenzie’s high-school days, on display will be her delicately printed and pasted zines Noises from Your Neighbours Apartment and Gardening, xeroxed Halloween treasure Girthmanthaclops, the final copy of their gorgeous hand stitched 2009 release for Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine, Past Successes, and more.

Also in the IKWMWA Zine Expo: The Moose & Pussy, In/Words, mrghosty, SANDBOX Magazine, Ameena Scream, Devon Kerslak, Jennifer Bass, the Syphmag Zine Library, & more.

I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do
August 5th – August 29th, 2010
Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner
42 Albert Street, Winnipeg, Canada.

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For more information or resources, please contact Kristel Jax.

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