"Cultural commentary? Apocalyptic vision? Impartial observation of things that are, even in a good light, quite dark? I don't know..... In their helplessness they tell me at least one thing about themselves: that they are human beings."

John Darnielle, The Mountain Goats

“ [Schaff] manages to be political, but never didactic, soulful without slipping into
shallow, and all with such a keen eye for the meaningful detail.”

AJ Rathburn, Litrag Magazine

“When looking at [Schaff’s work], you feel as though you are peering into the most desperate and vulnerable moments of a life. “

Joelle Spinelli, The Animal Print Magazine

“By eschewing strategies of identification and proximity, Schaff
brings his viewers to a position from which they witness the very
impossibility of bearing witness. Out of respect for the
incommunicability of real suffering, Schaff’s work demands that we
reflect on the impasses of memory rather than construct our own versions
of the past. Schaff’s scratchboards scrape away layers of darkness only
to reveal in icons of cruelty the more profound opacity of human

Andrew Homan, Columbia University

" Ruthless darkness comes tempered by the same whimsy that colors [Schaff's] wonderful mail art. The resulting tension sometimes makes the viewer of his album covers feel like they’ve been plopped down in the middle of an opaque religious allegory for disturbed children, or an enchanted world composed of swirling and blooming flowers, sudden flashes of lightning, tidily severed limbs. "

Will Sheff, Okkervil River

“[Schaff draws] Goya-like versions of the modern everyman…looking at the works as purely polarized political statements ignores the ultimately successful artistic presentation of universal horror – be it over genocide or cancer …”

Matt O’Brien, Baltimore City Paper

“Shades are drawn to prevent passerbys from peering in [the gallery] and a warning notice against bringing children inside is posted on the door…on exhibit are works by local artist William Schaff”

Yehuda Lev, the Jewish Voice of RI

“Schaff puts the viewer in a position from which the frightening and the uncomfortable aspects of humanity must be reckoned with”

Tom Morrissey, Providence Monthly Magazine

“The creator of this work is an unexpectedly personable [--] year old who ekes out a living as a parking lot attendant in Providence, Rhode Island. An assured draftsman, a vivid sense of design...”

Mark Arnest, The Colorado Springs Gazette

“”Neither do I suspect that this resident of the smallest state in the Union will cease to dive headlong into the arena of topics many of us would just as soon leave undisturbered”

Royce Deans, Copper Press Magazine

His [work] is a sober memorial and somber warning. It something everyone should see, and something you will never forget. We are left speechless and breathless

Erin Jackson, Minneapolis Insider