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IT³ is an affiliate of Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine (RIP), former management of Freud's Bathhouse & Diner (2010-2011), and current host of Black Tea.


Past Exhibits

Freud’s is closed now but “Photos to come” still means were truly and sincerely are working on getting photo galleries online.


January 29th – February 13th, 2010
Calla Donofrio (Los Angeles, CA)
Selected Collages

20 year old LA-based artist Calla Donofrio uses occult themes and inspiration drawn from Witch House music, high fashion, and 1960s/70s psychedelic art to create minimalist collages about religious purity, ritual ecstasy, and the search for spiritual truth. Using simple compositions, symbols and line work she creates a sense of harmony and peace over a lingering mood that is dark and almost frightening.

Opening Night: January 29th, 9PM
w/ Alpha Couple (CDR Release), Slattern, Greenhouse, & Microdreamer
Limited Capacity. Come Early.
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Opening Night.

Photos to come.


// Hexmaz Show //

Thursday December 23rd
Paintings by Dany Reede
plus art & prints by Triumphene, SBK, Beth Frey, & Tiny Tommy Comics.
High commerce.
Photos to come.


Friday, November 26th, 12:00pm – 6:06:06pm
Send & Receive Festival
Alvin Lucifer
Brian Joseph Davis + Steven Kado (ON)
A performative Installation

A performative installation based on the early minimalist composer Alvin Lucier’s 1977 piece, Music on a Long Thin Wire. This piece is a twisted and manipulated take on Lucier’s work with a Lovecraftian influence and some contemporary doom-rock thrown in for good measure. Come down to Freud’s for an immersive afternoon drone break and take in this heavy revamping of a quintessential 20th century minimalist work (with a twist).

This drone communication—between cultures, eras and dimensions—will last 6 hours, 6 minutes and 6 seconds.
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Photos of the exhibit


Cas’ Witchual
October 1 – November 1
Hi-res poster.
Beth Frey (Toronto), SBK, & Triumphene (Montreal).
OPENING NIGHT: Friday, October 1st. 5pm – 10:30pm.
w/ snacks from Cake-ology
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Photos to come.


I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do
Thursday, August 5th – Saturday, August 29th

download large size poster ; download large size handbill

I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do
Featuring illustration by William Schaff (Rhode Island), Beth Frey (Toronto), Ramsey Beyer (Chicago) & Ryan Trudeau (Winnipeg).
+ Zine Expo featuring Robert Pasternak, Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine, Junto (Winnipeg Zine Library), The Moose & Pussy, In/Words, SANDBOX Magazine, Three Syllable Words, mrghosty, S. Arden Hill, IT³, Ameena Scream, Devon Kerslake, Jennifer Bass, Syphmag Zine Library & more.

Opening Night (& Day): Thursday, August 5th 2PM – Midnight W/ host of guest DJs.
Closing reception Tuesday, August 31st. 4pm- Midnight. w/ film screening of Half Japanese, the Band That Would Be King at 9pm

Much more information: IKWMWA Press Release, Images, Links & More on IT³’s blog
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Photos from Opening Night ; Photos of the Exhibit
More photos to come.


Dying Alone or Bust: ‘Lil VS ‘Lil
Thursday, July 15th – Saturday, July 31st:

Download large poster

Opening Night Thursday, July 15th, 7pm. With non-stop lo-fi magic provided by DJ TV School (Toronto).
Affordable pieces of small merch (Pop Art), prints of comics, original drawings & sketches, large paintings (Pop Art), some signed comic books, and miscellaneous.

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Photo by The Frankfurt School ; Photo by The Frankfurt School
More photos to come.


Sugar & Watermelons

Curated by Rodrigo Pradel (12 Inch Art) & Kristel Jax (Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine).

Opening Night: Thursday June 24, 7pm – late
With new psychedelic haut summer jamz fresh out of Russia, provided by DJ Aubrey Beardsley.

Thursday, June 24th – Saturday, July 10th:

A Summer Group Art Show featuring work by: Rodrigo Pradel; ‘Lil; Nü?Böt; Kara Passey; Relish Today; Triumphene (Montreal); Kelly Ruth; Nereo II; Mateo; Clint Enns; S. Arden Hill; Johnny Mingo; Mitch Dixon; Tyler Funk; Elise Nadeau; Ryan Carman; Okvar Kahovakark; & more TBA.

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Flickr Photo Gallery: Sugar & Watermelons at Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner (in progress).


Thursday, May 27th – Saturday, June 19th:

The Bamboozled Deer and Duck Show: Kelly Ruth Solo Exhibition

Paintings, Installation (Kelly has painted the walls especially for the show) & Wearables (Kelly’s clothing line). Change room supplied.

Kelly Ruth
Kelly on Etsy
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Special thanks to Cake-ology at 85 Arthur Street for supplying sweet desserts on opening night.

Flickr Photo Gallery: The Bamboozled Deer and Duck Show: Kelly Ruth Solo Exhibitiont (in progress).


Saturday, April 24th – Saturday, May 22nd:

The Ghost Show.

Ghost Themed Art by Sketchbookkid (Kristel Jax), Montreal’s Triumphene, and Winnipeg’s Leslie Supnet, Reetbot, Christian Worthington, Andrew Milne, Clint Enns, Tyler Funk, Dylan Doom, Ted Barker, Vanessa Butler, Les Klassen & Mitch Dixon.

Opening Night: Grand Opening of Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner.
With witch house, psyche & creepazoid tracks by Kid Sportswear (NYC ghost DJ) all night, plus a special Kram Ran set at midnight.

Flickr Photo Gallery: Opening Night

Flickr Photo Gallery: The Ghost Show Art Exhibit (in progress).