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December Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine

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December Update at Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine:

The Beautiful Things Project

December at Syphmag has been a quiet month so far. We collect half-empty and assorted matchbooks and lighters bearing the names and slogans of our establishments of employment, and set our rough drafts on fire. We brush the papers against the windows, melting the ice that’s formed there and scorching foreign, yet strangely authentic, new patterns onto the frosted glass. We enjoy our rewards as the warmed ice spills over onto the carpet in a small but cherished waterfall. We pass SBK’s camera amongst ourselves as we pose along side. A Syphmag Christmas vacation.

Why hold onto the past? We fill our stained, half-washed second hand pots and pans with our notes and letters; our old plans. We light them and we hold our icy hands over the flickering light of those ancient maps to our identities, those instigators to our accomplishments thus far. We watch as encouragement and anxieties from our former selves and friends burn brightly in our eyes, turning the cold blue light of our northern Canadian offices into a hot, warmly coloured tropical nightlife. Our subdued shivers could almost be called dancing.

The past is behind us, and your keepsakes lie forgotten, misplaced behind some ancient piece of furniture. You could light it all on fire, if need be, and you would survive this cruel season. You are separate from what has made you. You look for new things to collect; always new things to absorb and leave deflated in the basement sink.

Syphmag is here, with a new month’s worth of content. New comics from Rockmell and ‘Lil, a new poem from Winnipeg star Kram, and new prose from Betty McKenzie and Coyote Rosebud.

This month at SM²:

New from Betty McKenzie:
Vinegar Hill.

New York is notorious as a place for the continent’s visionaries, but Betty McKenzie is onto the dream. In her third Leaving Story, Betty portrays a rare, disparate version of the city, where the movies and legends fail the actuality as much as the postcards.

New from Rockmell Comics:
Rockmell Year in Review: April through October
Resident science-head (and who isn’t trying to get hip with science, these days) Eli W. Rockmell draws half a year of memories, from biomedical conferences and Greek Proportion Theory to home-bleaching and Syphmag gallery shows.

New from : ‘Lil Comics:
The Beautiful Things Project
‘Lil’s newest mini series-comic, the first since her Winnipeg to Toronto hitchhiking epic, and follow up to The Coward Project, brings us a list of twenty-nine beautiful things, with accompanying tiny illustrations for each. Something sweet from the usually tough crowd at SM² – not to be missed.

New from Coyote Rosebud:
The Voracious Mouth of Roadkill Rita: Part Three
The third installation of The Voracious Mouth… takes a turn from the hedonistic as we find ourselves in a newly lit morning, our amorous characters changed from their performances of sleep, and with piano accompaniment.

New from Kram:
In line with the holiday spirit, a funeral poem. After all – what year was that, when we unwrapped presents silently, while our parents sat dull and mournful before us? When we wore our newly uncovered, itchy sweaters to the viewing? When we learned that death, like our Kram, keeps no calendar? We bring you this poem on the gentle chance that the answer is ‘this one’.

New from Sketchbookkid Photo Diary:
Seemingly ever-tardy SBK collects a photo for each day in long past October, 2009. Spunky bands, hardwood floors, installations and the repetition of a few close friends fill this autumn month.
SBK would like us to note the camera problems plaguing October 2nd – October 13th, and their questionable artistic relevance.

In a world of brief possession and revolving interests, it may be well to remember that parts of our worlds remain unchanging. Friends, the weather outside is sometimes frightful, no matter the longitude or hemisphere, and the new year will always bring with it some thoughts of those things past. Just remember: ten minutes of safety precautions can save hours of police reports and firemen’s lectures.

All our love at the close of 2009,

Nicolaas Van Roon, ed.

Was our update lacking in holiday spirit?
Syphmag reminds you that there are in fact two Tiny Tommy Christmas comics. 2006′s A Tiny Tommy Christmas Story (, and 2007′s Elitist Misgivings Day ( We’ve been assured that Tommy’s 2010 holiday comic will be the best yet, but until then, we hope you enjoy, and pass along, these old favourites.

reposted by Syphmag friends, IT³.

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