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IT³ is an affiliate of Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine (RIP), former management of Freud's Bathhouse & Diner (2010-2011), and current host of Black Tea.


.RU Part 1: Solntsetsvety

Underground tweenoise masters in the post-USSR.

.RU Part 2: Peel Session, Damo Suzuki, Chorny Busel & extra material

Underground tweenoise masters in the post-USSR.

Alpha Couple – Stalingrad [2011]

Earlier this year we printed, bound and burnt 50 copies of Alpha Couple’s Stalingrad in 8 different colours.

January 29, 2011.
11 tracks.
Hand-made packaging by IT³.

Making-of Photo Gallery

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Stalingrad by Alpha Couple

To Order:

Visit Bandcamp & donate cost* plus shipping** and email your shipping details, or email for PayPal info or more information.
We strongly advise emailing [...]

QRD Interview w/ IT³

QRD Webzine interviewed us about our micro micro label earlier this year.

Read it here: Record Label Owner Interview with Kristel Jax of IT³

Alpha Couple: Eastern Canadian Tour

Alpha Couple

Touring from the prairies in support of their debut album, Stalingrad, Alpha Couple are tweenoise, ghostfolk & lo-fi electronic ambient duo who pursue vulnerable noise and emotional, often dark live performances.

“Their songs are carried solely by acoustic guitar and keyboard but they’re also heavy on atmospherics and samples; Alpha Couple scream, and they [...]

Daniel Triangle – Ghost Show Mixes

IT³ presents the entirety of once NYC, now Berlin based DJ Daniel Triangle (of Gucci Goth, & aka Kid Sportswear)’s mixes from The Ghost Show‘s exhibit opening at Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner in April of this year. Daniel Triangle is a brilliant DJ and, along with Pictureplane & others, was instrumental in the origination of [...]

Alpha Couple – Edna Pontellier

IT³ has been busy co-running Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner this year (often too busy to post here), but we are pleased the announce the first of two digital music releases that will mark the end of 2010: Alpha Couple‘s first single, Edna Pontellier.

After a string of demos and videos comes Edna Pontellier, an [...]

I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do

I Know What My Weaknesses Are, Probably Better Than You Do is an upcoming art exhibit at Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner, Winnipeg, Canada.

The exhibit opens August 5th, 2010, and features illustration by William Schaff (Rhode Island), Beth Frey (Toronto), Ramsey Beyer (Chicago) & Ryan Trudeau (Winnipeg), as well as a Zine Expo featuring Robert Pasternak, [...]